January 19, 2016 ) Knoxville, Tennessee — Happy Lifestyle Products based in Knoxville, TN, announced they are happy to be offering their new high quality FDA-approved food grade stainless steel colander on Amazon.com beginning Monday, January 18, 2016, in the Kitchen and Dining Product Category.

For a limited time, in order to drive up their initial sales on Amazon, Happy Lifestyle Products will offer an impressive value slashing the 5-quart colander price to $16.95 from their normal listing price of $39.95.

The team at Happy Lifestyle Products feels everyone with a desire to eat healthy would benefit from their colander. Everyone knows that eating fruits and vegetables is an integral part of a healthy diet. The team points to the FDA recommendation of washing all fruits and vegetables regardless of their source – including organically grown produce and produce purchased from a farmer’s market. They add that health and nutrition experts advise to always wash produce using a colander or strainer allowing the water to wash over the produce then letting that water go down the drain rather than allowing fruits and vegetables to just soak in water since any microorganisms on the food could spread to other parts of the food or cross contaminate other food in the sink. Health officials even report the importance of washing produce with rinds and peels that are not eaten since bacteria could be living on the surface and spread to the inside when the rind or peel is cut.

The Happy Lifestyle Products team concludes that since a colander is a must have for daily preparation of optimally healthy food from rinsing lettuce, berries, produce and beans to draining pasta, people should not opt for a cheap model. Numerous studies show stainless steel is a hands down superior cooking and kitchenware material to plastic. So Happy Lifestyle Products’ sentiment is that everyone wanting to eat healthy needs a good stainless steel colander just like the one they now offer on Amazon.
About Happy Lifestyle Products

Happy Lifestyle Products was created out of a desire to offer products and information covering all areas of happy, healthy and productive living. The first phase for the company is to offer products, tips and recipes for healthy eating and healthy food preparation, an integral part of living a happy lifestyle. These offerings are found at their website as well as other venues offering healthy food prep products such as their Stainless Steel Colander.
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New Stainless Steel Colander

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